CPDTCertified Professional Dog Trainer
CPDTCascaded Pixel Domain Transcoder (video coding)
CPDTCadet Professional Development Training
CPDTConférence Permanente du Développement Territorial
CPDTCenter for Professional Development and Technology
CPDTCBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) Paramount Domestic Television (now CBS Television Distribution Group)
CPDTContinuing Professional Development and Training (UK)
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Sample: The study sample consisted of (1), 45 questionnaire respondents out of a total of 73 mentor teachers serving in a CPDT that has been in a field-based teacher preparation collaborative for four years (designated as the "Old" District), and (2), 21 out of a total of 27 mentor teachers in a recently-established CPDT that has been functioning less than a year (designated as the "New" District).
Sixty-five percent in both districts agreed that CPDT training is as good or better than the pre-service training they themselves had received; thirty-five percent did not.
This difference suggests that orientation, preparation, materials and guidance may have improved substantially between the time the earlier CPDT was initiated and four years later when the newer one was established.
With few exceptions, CPDT liaisons have spent over ten years in elementary classrooms and many include recent experience.
However, these figures could suggest, as well, that advances may have been made-perhaps in individual training or orientation- since formation of the older CPDT.
If these data truly reflect the adequacy of communication among CPDT partners, then they likely identify an area needing major attention, and one that is perhaps responsible for a number of the negative and seemingly counterproductive perceptions encountered in this study.
Improvements in program design over the years may have resulted in better implementation by the time the newer CPDT was formed.
The UTA CPDT professional development school model was established as CREST, an acronym for Collaborative Redesign of Educational Systems in Texas.
The Instructional Leadership Team in the NET CPDT corrects that deficiency by recognizing that the classroom teacher is the practicing expert.
Faculty working in the NET CPDT integrate university courses with on site classroom activities.
This advantage has resulted in school districts who participate in the NET CPDT electing to provide substantial and essential financial, material and personnel resources.
As trumpeted in other articles in this publication, the NET CPDT has been successfully institutionalized and has received several impressive awards for the quality of the programs.