CPDVCapture Device
CPDVCatholic Public Domain Version (publication)
CPDVCenter for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (various locations)
CPDVCompagnie Patrimoniale des Vins (French: Wealth of Wine Company)
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Mean ratings of CPDV were generated in order to determine their relative influence on U.S.
A simplified model of clothing purchase decision making represents the ranking of these CPDV for U.S.
Cross-cultural differences between the mean ratings of these four CPDV were confirmed by Tukey's studentized range test at p.
Results of Tukey's multiple-comparison tests provided additional insight into the intra-cultural differences of the mean ratings of CPDV. To U.S.
A great variation in direction (i.e., positive or negative), scope (i.e., number of bivariate relationships), and intensity (i.e., r ranging from small to moderate in size) of the Pearson correlation coefficients between the level of participation in social activities and CPDV existed for both U.S.
Much has been written on the relationship between clothing, self image, and peer group influence (Kaiser, 1990); however, the relationship between rehabilitation clients, CPDV, and social participation has not been explored fully.