CPDWConstruction Products in contact with Drinking Water
CPDWCentral Pennsylvania Dance Workshop (est. 1969)
CPDWCommunity Planning and Design Workshop
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However, the shells do not provide information on the rate at which this glacial water mass was produced or whether it even reached the Antarctic Ocean and mixed with CPDW.
In an effort to evaluate past changes in the rate of "conveyor belt" circulation and document whether GNAIW reached the CPDW, we are taking a new approach based on the partitioning of two radionuclides, protactinium 231 (231Pa) and thorium 230 (230Th).
A significant decrease in the rate would result in a lesser 231Pa deficit in Atlantic sediments, while a surplus of 231Pa in Antarctic sediments would indicate addition of deep Atlantic water into CPDW. We measured 231Pa and 230Th in Atlantic and Antarctic sediments deposited during the last glacial maximum and compared it with the postglacial values.