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CPEBCytoplasmic Polyadenylation Element Binding (RNA binding protein)
CPEBCentral Physical Evaluation Board
CPEBCarl Philip Emmanuel Bach (classical composer)
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Kandel, whose work has turned up evidence for CPEB's role in memory in sea slugs and mice, says that the study makes the concept that prions can stabilize memories "quite definitive now."
A neuronal isoform of the Aplysia CPEB has prion-like properties.
A neuronal isoform of CPEB regulates local protein synthesis and stabilizes synapse-specific long-term facilitation in Aplysia.
(16.) Links to a facsimile and a transcription of the estate catalog are on the CPEB:CW Web site: http://www.cpebach.org.
CPEB thus exists in neurons partly in the form of oligomers, which increase in number when neuronal synapses strengthen.
CPEB:CW was conceived as a "living" edition: as new information relevant to the edition becomes available, or if substantive errors are discovered in the music or text of any volume, this will be reported and corrected in the online, digital edition as addenda & corrigenda.
La CPEB (proteina de union al elemento de poliadenilacion) actua en la regulacion de la traduccion del ARNm a nivel de las sinapsis.
strain MED 4 is coded for by a single gene (cpeB) and is considered to
Kandel and Si have recently proposed a model based on the prion-like properties of Aplysia neuronal cytoplasmic polyadenylation element binding protein (CPEB) (Si et al., 2003a).
In large Aplysia sea slugs, scientists had discovered that a short-lived protein called CPEB (for cytoplasmic polyadenylation element binding protein) is needed to form strong neuron-to-neuron connections, such as those associated with long-term memories.
A novel series of studies recently indicated that a neuron-specific isoform of cytoplasmic polyadenylation element binding protein (CPEB) has many of the characteristics appropriate for a self-perpetuating, long-lasting synaptic mark for maintaining late-phase, 72-h LTF (Si et al., 2003a,b, 2004; Bailey et al., 2004).
Bach, Complete Works (Los Altos, CA: Packard Humanities Institute, 2005- [hereinafter, CPEB:CW]), ser.