CPEECentre for Pavement Engineering Education (Australia)
CPEECleaner Production and Energy Efficiency Centre (Moldova)
CPEEComputational Problems of Electrical Engineering (workshop)
CPEEContinuing Professional Engineering Education (various universities)
CPEECenter for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship (Dartmouth University; Hanover, NH)
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The medium was removed and fresh serum-free medium containing different concentrations of mango peel extracts (concentrations ranging from 0 to 25 [micro]g/ml for CPEE of TN1 and CPWE of TN1) was added.
After extraction, four peel extracts, namely, NPWE (nonpuffed water extract), CPWE (compressional-puffed water extract), NPEE (nonpuffed ethanol extract), and CPEE (compressional-puffed ethanol extract), were obtained according to their puffing pretreatments and extraction methods for each mango cultivar (Figure 2).
In the present study, four peel extracts (NPWE, CPWE, NPEE, and CPEE) from six mango cultivars were utilized to determine their polyphenol contents by the Folin-Ciocalteu colorimetric method.
The CPEE is a 10-item subscale designed to measure adolescents' confidence to engage in career planning and exploration.
Efficacy Variables Mean SD CPEE Girls 5.78 .75 Boys 5.52 .99 KSOS Girls 6.14 .69 Boys 5.55 .99 SCTE Girls 5.92 .85 Boys 5.45 .81 CDMSE Girls 4.22 .32 Boys 4.01 .73 CDMSO Girls 4.02 .57 Boys 4.02 .76 Note.
During the first 2 weeks of the following spring semester, the participants completed the MVC and the CPEE scale of the MCGS.
Among rubbery thermoplastic polymers, segmented copolyetheresters (CPEE) are rather modern elastomer thermoplastics, but whose blends have also been widely studied [6, 22-30].
Additionally, although poly(butylene terephthalate) (PBT) is a component of CPEE, and PC/PBT blends have been commercialized under several trade names (Xenoy(R) and Makroblend(R), for instance), the mechanical behavior of PC/CPEE has not been previously studied.
The CPEE used, Hytrel 5556 ([M.sub.w] = 25,000-30,000), is a random block copolymer of crystallizable tetramethylene terephthalate (PBT), which forms the hard segments, and polytetramethylene-ether-glycol-terephthalate, which forms the soft segments.