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Among these extracts, CPEE of TN1 exhibited the most antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.
Caption: Figure 2: Flowchart of the compressional-puffing process and extraction methods for NPEE, CPEE, NPWE, and CPWE.
(a) NPWE; (b) CPWE; (c) NPEE; (d) CPEE. S[C.sub.50]: concentration for scavenging 50% of DPPH or ABTS free radicals.
Caption: Figure 4: (a) High-performance liquid chromatography of peel extracts (CPWE and CPEE) of Tainoung number 1 cultivar; (b) high-performance liquid chromatography of polyphenol standards: gallic acid (1), pyrogallol (2), chlorogenic acid (3), p-hydroxybenzoic acid (4), p-coumaric acid (5), ECG (6), and CG (7).