CPEFCharity Projects Entertainment Fund (poverty awareness and fundraising charity)
CPEFChicago Public Education Fund (Chicago, IL)
CPEFCentral Poppy Eradication Force (Afghanistan)
CPEFContinuous Planning and Execution Framework
CPEFCanadian Peace Education Foundation (Okotoks, Alberta, Canada)
CPEFChristian Parents' Educational Fellowship (Findlay, OH)
CPEFCitizen Policy and Education Fund of New Jersey
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In addition to the forums, CPEF used certified lead abatement contractors to refer property owners to the loan program.
Interested landlords or homeowners were instructed to call CPEF for further information on the loan program.
Having informed interested subjects of the bank information, CPEF staff referred the research component to the property owner and asked for participation.
After receiving referrals from CPEF, the UMDNJ field team contacted the subjects and scheduled appointments for baseline measurements of environmental-dust lead.
"It was basically, let's see if the American public embraces this and wants this type of thing," Kyriacou said of "Idol Gives Back." According to Kyriacou, CPEF anticipated the $19 million raised from corporate sponsors, but the charity did not predict the overwhelming response by the American public.
According to Kyriacou, the plan is for CPEF to work in the same way as Comic Relief U.K.
A longtime supporter of Comic Relief U.K., Simon Fuller, the creator of "American Idol," approached fellow CPEF board member Curtis with the charitable concept.
Kyriacou said regular updates about the process of distribution will be posted on the CPEF Web site.
To date, the emphasis for CPEF has been to produce a distributed, multiagent framework in which plan generation and execution are fluidly integrated.
One unique characteristic of CPEF is that it supports both direct execution, in which activities and actions are undertaken by the system itself, and indirect execution, in which the system supervises execution of plans by a collection of distributed execution entities.
CPEF leverages several sophisticated Al technologies as components.
CPEF draws on experience gained in building CYPRESS (Wilkins et al.