CPEICenter for Prevention and Early Intervention (WestEd; Sacramento, CA)
CPEICorrected Platform Error Interrupt (computing)
CPEICenter of Pressure Excursion Index (feet)
CPEIComputer Program End Item (NASA)
CPEIComparative Political Economy of Innovation (Linkoping University; Linkoping, Sweden)
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tratamiento prenez a la IATF (%) CPE05 50,0 (13/26) CPE1 46,2 (12/26) BE24 59,3 (16/27) CPE05 y CPEI: 0,5 y 1 mg de cipionato de estradiol respectivamente, BE24: benzoato de estradiol.
The company said that the CPEi 800 is designed to meet the data only needs of broadband customers, while the CPEi 885 provides a fully integrated data, voice and WiFi b/g/n solution in one compact unit.
Two of the CPE devices, the CPEi 150 and CPEi 750 are WiMAX Forum Certified as are five basestations and one chipset module.
With the CPEi 775, we are able to provide high performance in a very attractive form factor.o
Motorola said that the CPEi 100 is a single data port, 2.5 GHz 'plug-and-play' WiMAX solution.
[] CPEI will provide continuing education/staff development opportunities for K-12 HPE teachers.
The lead article draws on early childhood research and the work of two WestEd programs--the Center for Child and Families Studies (CCFS) and the Center for Prevention and Early Intervention (CPEI).
The company said that its CPEi 725 desktop unit can provide fixed and nomadic access and also supports Voice over IP (VoIP) capability, while the USBw 200 adaptor will enable mobile broadband.
In addition, Mada has selected both indoor and outdoor customer premise equipment and portable plug-in devices - the indoor CPEi 750, outdoor CPEo 400, and the award winning USB plug-in device USBw 100 -- enabling choice and flexibility for Mada customers to connect to the WiMAX network.
Clearwire's services in Portland are delivered on Motorola's WiMAX infrastructure and with Motorola's USBw 100 adaptor and its CPEi 150.
Under the three-year frame agreement with TDF, Motorola will provide deployment, integration and support services to TDF, in addition to WiMAX equipment such as WiMAX Access Points (the WAP 400 series), and outdoor and indoor customer premises equipment such as the CPEo 400 series and CPEi 200 series.