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CPERContrat de Plan État-Région (French: State-Region Plan Contract)
CPERCentral Plains Experimental Range
CPERCommunities for Public Education Reform (est. 2007; New York, NY)
CPERCalifornia Public Employee Relations
CPERCentre for Progressive Evolution of Reality
CPERCost Performance Estimating Relationship
CPERContractor Personnel Employment Report
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The findings of CPER suggested that a separate portion for climate control should be included in each PC-1 of ADP scheme, an independent and integrated climate control policy and climate control cell in each department for Punjab, more investments should be made in mitigation activities to meet international commitment, need to invest more in climate control related tasks like biodiversity and vulnerable ecosystem where less than three million allocations in both years could not be sufficient to avoid adverse effects of climate change etc.
In September 2012, Derner's team hosted the first in a series of stakeholder workshops to chart a course of action in using the CPER to evaluate various livestock management and conservation practices.
Commanders at all levels are responsible for captured persons (CPERs) operations.
As we all know, there are new supply sources, whereas alternative energies are developing relatively fast."--Dean Baker, CPER.
Como todos sabemos, hay nuevas fuentes de oferta, mientras que las energias alternativas se estan desarrollando relativamente rapido" -Dean Baker, CPER.
McLachlan, a CPer, headed the Cape Breton local of the Mineworkers union but after he broke with the party, his local became the first in Canada to endorse the CCF.
Expansion of this initiative has been mandated by the ORN, and the program developed by SJHH and the CPER is a model that will be readily transferable to other regions.
California Public Employee Relations (CPER), another IRLE program, is also a good candidate for mobile access.
Area ratio HOTEL Numeric, of hotel to continuous gross area Cooling CCAPACITY Numeric, The sum of kW capacity continuous cooling capacities of all chillers Cooling CPER Numeric, Calculated capacity continuous based on primary energy.
The key mechanism for resource allocation between the State and other tiers of government under the new approach was the 'contrat de plan Etat-Region' (CPER) (state-region planning contract), and it is envisaged that the new contrats metropolitains will be signed between the partners in the metropolitan projects, the regions, and the State at the end of the current CPER programming period in 2006.
In recent experiments at the country's Centre for Pesticides and Environmental Research (CPER) in Belgrade, scientists found that out of several bioremedial crops investigated sunflowers were the most effective at absorbing uranium, being twice as efficient as maize and almost three times better than soya.