CPESCollege of Physical Education and Sports (Universidad de Manila; Philippines)
CPESCenter for Power Electronics Systems (Virginia Tech)
CPESCrew Procedures Evaluation/Evaluator Simulator (NASA)
CPESCollege of Physical and Engineering Science
CPESCertified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (Placenta Benefits Ltd.; Nevada)
CPESCertified Professional Employer Specialist
CPESContractor Performance Evaluation System
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These were powerful lessons that reinforced the need for change, as well as CPEs to ensure patient safety.
Thirty-four of the items constitute the Tellegen Absorption Scale (TAS; Tellegen, 1978) and the remaining 16 items constitute the Complex Partial Epileptic Signs (CPES) scale (Persinger & Makarec, 1993).
RESULTS: We collected a total of 239 24-hr duplicate food samples collected from the 46 CPES children.
The new polymer-type material, "conjugated polyelectrolyte" (CPE) with an arylene-ethynylene repeat-unit structure, has been effective at killing Gram-negative bacteria, enabling its use in a wide range of potential applications.
Sixteen (16) CPE's will be awarded to those completing the Symposium (8 CPEs for each day of class).
The National Society of Accountants' 2000 Annual Convention promises to provide a wide selection of educational offerings for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit, as well as a special two-day Institute Symposium for Business, Financial and Estate Planning.
To order, please contact Rozie Geerts, CPES, 1 Place du Congres, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
When applying such a development model estimated with a pooled sample from market to former or current centrally planned economies (CPEs), adjustments must be made for the deviations in sectoral value added from those that would be observed in the market economies caused by the price controls in the CPEs.
Through this investigation, the authors verified that properties of EP elastomers, EVAs, EVMs and CPEs are greatly improved with the addition of coagents in peroxide cured compounds.
After World War II, the complete annual physical examination (CPE) became the standard recommendation for office-based preventive care of asymptomatic patients, even though no one had defined the content of the CPE, and the finding of decreased mortality related to CPEs, which had been initially reported by Fisk,[2] had not been confirmed or even questioned by additional studies.