CPFVCommercial Passenger Fishing Vessel
CPFVCucumber Pale Fruit Viroid
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The survey was pre-tested using a pilot study of a small number of CPFV owner/operators in San Diego county, focused on the 2011 season, and was administered in 2012 (Hanan and Hanan (5)).
There were 339 registered vessels reported in the 2012 CPFV fishing logs.
They were mean water temperature ([degrees]C), mixed-layer depth (m), an index of geostrophic flow, the log of volume displaced by zooplankton captured in nets (mL/1000 [m.sup.3] filtered), the CPFV index of Pacific mackerel stock size for the previous year, and day of the year.
The CPFV index from the previous year was included as a general measure of stock size.
To standardize tagging effort across the two tagging periods, reported locations for all records were assigned a fishing site code based on historical southern California CPFV sport fish surveys (Ally et al.
Indeed, CPFV barred sand bass catch values were nearly four times greater in the 1990s than in the 1960s despite only a doubling of fishing effort (CDFG unpublished data).
Mean catch per unit of effort, or the numbers of fish hooked per day per boat, in commercial, CPFV, and skiff fisheries data were non-normal and heteroscedastic, therefore, were they were transformed by using [square root of count + 1] (Harvey, 1987; Zar, 1996).
The continuous harvest of rockfish by the CPFV fishery has raised questions about the sustainability and health of this fishery.
A total of 1980 blue rockfish were examined; 655 of these fish were caught by hook-and-line from CPFV, 133 pelagic juveniles were collected in midwater trawls offshore, and 1245 fish were speared.
Skiff, pier, and shore-based fishing have long been present, and since the late 1920's, commercial passenger fishing vessels (CPFV's) have provided recreational fishing for rockfish in this region (Clark and Croaker, 1933).
CPFV fishing effort targeting multiple rockfish species was probably the most important recreational fishery component for cowcod prior to new restrictions on rockfish during 2000, although anglers on private vessels were also important.