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CPGC (Twintex[R], Saint-Gobain Vetrotex) used in this study consisted of unidirectional glass/PP filaments (60/40 wt/wt).
An infrared heater (Model FHK-1324-3A, Fostoria Industries, Inc.) was used to melt the CPGC sheet and the surface of WPC board.
After the board was heated, instead of placing the CPGC sheet on its surface, the PP tier was placed first and heated for 30 s to melt before the CPGC reinforcement was placed.
The bonding between the board and CPGC sheet must be strong to achieve good reinforcement.
All three properties were found to show improvements (up to 1.6 times) by CPGC reinforcement.
For the samples with CPGC reinforcement, the failure happened right after the reinforcement gave way.
The figures also demonstrate that creep strain was greatly reduced by CPGC reinforcement in Types 3 and 5 samples.
The content of the guidelines and the manuscript were reviewed and approved by the ASCO CPGC and Board of Directors and by the CAP CSA and Board of Governors before publication.