CPGSCassette Preparation Ground Station (aviation)
CPGSCity of Portsmouth Girls' School (UK)
CPGSCraven and Pendle Geological Society
CPGSCar Park Guidance System
CPGSColgate-Palmolive Gulf States (United Arab Emirates)
CPGSCommon Point Ground System
CPGSConsortium for Post Genomic Science (UK)
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We validate arsenic-associated CpGs by examining their association with arsenic concentration in drinking water and replicate observed associations in an independent cohort of 400 Bangladeshi adults.
In 2014, the SAMJ appointed an editorial subcommittee to review CPGs submitted for publication.
Michael's Hospital in Toronto, and colleagues quantified the presence and extent of undeclared industry payments among authors of CPGs. The researchers identified 18 CPGs, written by 160 U.S.-based physicians, that provided recommendations for 10 high-revenue medications.
In addition, Worker Safety Readiness for the CPG Industry assists CPGs and their OEMs and other suppliers in implementing best practices to mitigate conditional risks (equipment, line configuration, materials and environment) and behavioral risks (thinking, acting, choosing and deciding) related to worker safety.
CPGs need to develop new metrics of success to match the new world of shopping.
As shown in Figure 11, the gait transition model consists of CPGs, central neural system (CNS), and neural network (NN).
However, no central, accessible database of CPGs developed in SA currently exists.
Consequently, MINSAL has taken on the development of CPGs for each heath problem falling under the GES Act; its Disease Prevention and Control Division is responsible for developing these CPGs, with support from the Department of Explicit Health Guarantees and of Evidence-based and Methodological Coordination.
CPG marketers must also invest to understand their core and target shoppers--what they need, what they want, what they are willing to pay for and where they expect to buy these products.
In 2015, investment in merchandising activities rose across almost half of CPG categories, while the lift from that support fell 58%, IRI said in its "Merchandising for Growth: Connecting the Dots for Maximum Activation" report.
The delegation was given an introduction to the Centre and the CPGS team.