CPHCSCodeine and Promethazine Hydrochloride Cough Syrup
CPHCSCentre for Primary Health Care Studies (University of Warwick; UK)
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Of these, 61 participants reported being current CPHCS users.
16% females) as the second most prevalent influence for use, while a total of 20% from both groups had no idea what initially influenced them to use CPHCS.
This question was designed to gather information concerning the current factors that contribute to CPHCS use.
Both groups indicated "doctors" as the primary mode of CPHCS procurement (36% males vs.
The majority of students stated that they drank CPHCS with Sprite (33% males vs.
The most influential statements among females were found to be those such as "cool image" (61%), while male respondents stated that the majority of their friends (63%) felt it was "normal" to use CPHCS.
Other themes related to other drugs used with CPHCS included Xanax (19% males vs.
31% females) ranked highest among consequences of CPHCS use (Table 2).
"Withdrawal" (45%) followed by "addiction" (32%) and "peer pressure" (22%) emerged as the most frequent barriers to quitting CPHCS use among males.
Using a qualitative approach, the current study explored the beliefs and norms associated with CPHCS initiation and perceived addiction among current CPHCS users.
A majority of students reported that doctors and pharmacists were the most frequent facilitators of CPHCS acquisition.
In Houston, DJ Screw invented a slow beat version of this music that heavily endorsed CPHCS use.