CPHDCertified Passive House Designer (course; North American Passive House Network)
CPHDCepheid Inc (stock symbol)
CPHDCombined Pituitary Hormone Deficiency
CPHDConference on Public Health and Disasters (Center for Public Health and Disasters; University of California, Los Angeles)
CPHDCentre for Policy and Human Development (Afghanistan)
CPHDChronic Pulmonary Heart Disease
CPHDCertified Philanthropic Development (National Association of Charitable Estate Counselors)
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Genetic aetiologies of isolated pituitary hormone deficiency or CPHD have been researched for many years.
Therefore, the number of GGIW components in the update step of CPHD is [J.sub.k|k] = [J.sub.k|k-1] + [J.sub.k|k-1] [[summation].sup.P.sub.p=1] [absolute value of ([p.sub.p])].
The CPHD filter is introduced by Mahler in [42], and it propagates both the PHD and the discrete distribution of the pirates' number.
Functional SNPs within the intron 1 of the PROPI gene contribute to combined growth hormone deficiency (CPHD).
Yeimy Viviana Ariza Marquez, Bacteriologa y laboratorista clinica UCMC, cPhD biotecnologia Universidad Nacional de Colombia, yvarizam@unal.edu.co
5 February 2014 - US financial services firms Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and Jefferies LLC (NYSE: LUK) said they will be the initial purchaser of California-based medical diagnostics specialist Cepheid (NASDAQ: CPHD) proposed offering of USD 250m aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes due 2021.
Hu, "Gaussian mixture CPHD filter with gating technique," Signal Processing, vol.
Mutations in the human PIT-1 are responsible for a CPHD (Combined Pituitary Hormone Deficiency) with deficiency of GH, PRL or TSH, while the production of ACTH, LH and FSH are preserved and its lead to late to reach puberty and hypothyroidism.