CPHFCoupled Perturbed Hartree-Fock
CPHFCommunity Partners for Healthy Farming (various agencies)
CPHFCommonwealth Property Hotel Fund (finance; Australia)
CPHFColombian Pulmonary Hypertension Foundation
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TH: The most immediate challenge that comes to mind, and the reason I left the BC Ministry of Health, was that after doing really good and innovative work on the CPHF for seven years, we had a change of Minister and Deputy Minister, and neither of them really 'got it.' Not only that, they were, in some aspects, hostile.
Since their conclusion were based on CPHF calculations, we wonder if more reliable basis sets will still support this point.
To assess the broader implications of this episode, the CPHF project and NIOSH will continue active surveillance for similar cases and will monitor CO emissions on a larger sample of tractors with rear-directed and upward-directed exhaust systems.