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CPHTCertified Pharmacy Technician
CPHTCarats Per Hundred Tons (diamond mining)
CPHTCentre de Physique Theorique de l'Ecole Polytechnique (French: Polytechnic School Center of Theoretical Physics; Paris, France)
CPHTCertified Practitioner of Homeopathic Therapeutics
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The revised CE requirements are intended to ensure that CPhTs are continually educated through programs specific to the knowledge required in today's pharmacy settings, the board said.
The E4 Satellite pipe is currently defined as a 15.3 Mt Inferred Resources with a grade of 5.59 cpht containing a total of 856,000 carats.
Following the workshop, nurses and other health care professionals repeated the CUAS and CPHT to measure immediate impact.
The company senior vice president exploration and development, George Read, said, 'These results show that the best grade (15 cpht) and the four largest diamonds (7.53 carat - white, 3.84 carat - grey, 3.28 carat grey and 2.80 carat - white) have been recovered from the EJF Inner Kimberlite Unit, which is the dominant unit within ON-K120.
Mining at the Liqhobong mine moved into the southern part of the pit and helped the improvement in grades to 23.0 carats per hundred tonnes (cpht) compared to the 18.0cpht in the preceding quarter, although the company comments that Q4 grades were "9% below the expected reserve grade which seems at this stage to result from treating harder, more competent ore in the southern part of the pit.
So far 100 fully qualified SFH practitioners have been taking part in the project which has received substantial financial backing and support from CPHT.
After economic and resource confidence consideration, with a cut-off of 10 CPHT applied a JORC Inferred Diamond Resource has been estimated at 21.5 Mt at an average grade of 28 CPHT for a total of 6,000,000 carats.
The board says more than 400,000 pharmacy technicians nationwide have earned the PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) credentials since 1995, and over 55,000 candidates sat for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) last year.
The technical report highlights a mineral resource at Renard comprising 7.0 million carats of indicated resources (11.6 million tonnes at an average grade of 60 carats per hundred tonnes, or cpht) and 4.5 million carats of inferred resources (7.2 million tonnes at an average grade of 63 cpht).