CPHVCenter for the Prevention of Hate Violence
CPHVCenter for the Prevention of Handgun Violence
CPHVCarbomedics Prosthetic Heart Valve (cardiology)
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MAKING CHANGES IN MAKING GUNS 22, 23 (1995) (discussing design defects, particularly of Beretta semiautomatic handguns, and their involvement in litigation in which CPHV is representing the parents of a boy killed in an unintentional shooting).
research is Douglas Weil, currently Research Director of CPHV,(1) while
Genrich also commends the CPHV for helping in a lawsuit against the maker of a handgun sold legally but used in a crime.
Dennis Henigan, director of legal action projects at CPHV believes these ads are not protected under the First Amendment because studies show bringing a gun into a home does not make it safer, therefore making these ads misleading and false.