CPIALConsumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers (India)
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The poverty lines of 1973-74 are updated by using mainly the CPIIW for urban and CPIAL for rural areas.
State specific poverty lines for consumption data corresponding to the year 1987-88 are used as base to estimate poverty lines for the year 1993-94 using state-wise CPIAL. Apart from estimating six measures of poverty, profile of rural India (source of income, employment profile), profile of rural poor (spread of poor across six occupation groups and relative intensity of poverty), factors affecting rural poverty during reforms and inter-state variations in measures of rural poverty are studied in this paper.
We had promised that the wages provided under MGNREGA will be indexed to the CPIAL. The aim is to protect the wages of MGNREGA workers against inflation," said Union rural development minister Jairam Ramesh.
The hike is a result of a decision taken by the government in 2011 to revise wage rates under the Act in accordance with the CPIAL. " In March 2011, after inter- ministerial consultations, the government had decided that the revision of MNREGA wage rates indexed to the CPIAL would be done annually and thereafter it was decided that this revision would become effective from April 1 each year," Ramesh pointed.