CPIGCudworth Pork Investors Group
CPIGCommunity Planning Implementation Group (UK)
CPIGCrown Premises Inspection Group (UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister)
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Since bore prove-up using caliper tools is no longer as critical, considering the extreme bore passing capability of CPIG tools, PMG engineers have capitalized on this opportunity by mounting both caliper and metal loss sensors on a single tool.
Guided by established MAPL requirements, CPIG set out to develop `latest generation' MFL technology, quality standards to improve performance, and reporting applications designed to readily facilitate integrity management, data integration and documentation.
As specified by MAPL, CPIG reporting formats allow the operator to take mitigative action directly from the final report quickly and efficiently.
CPIG's data visualization software is directly compatible with all major commercially available data integration, risk assessment, and GIS applications.
As a result of CPIG's shorter tool length, MAPL has already drastically reduced costs associated with trap and piping modifications.
CPIG currently has tools ranging in size from 8-inch to 18-inch with planned capacity for 6-inch to 26-inch in the first quarter of 2002.
A 20-gauge needle was placed into the lumen of the LAD immediately distal to the occlusion, and 10 ml heparinized whole blood, with (Dpigs) or without (Cpigs) DADLE (Peninsula Laboratories Inc.; 1 mg/kg estimated heart weight) was infused into the LAD over 10 minutes at 1 ml/min.
The cumulative average values of these hemodynamic variables were calculated for the different periods for each group (Dpigs and Cpigs) up through the completion of the 10-minute LAD infusion period during LAD occlusion.
In a total of 12 pigs studied (6 Dpigs; 6 Cpigs), 83% of the Dpigs (5 out of 6) and 17% of the Cpigs (1 out of 6) there developed a sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmias within 5 minutes after the infusion of DADLE or sham control into the localized segment of myocardium (Table 1).
However, in the Cpigs a small fall in the mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure and DP/dt were noted during the occlusion and infusion periods.
However, in those animals that had a sufficient reperfusion period (5 Cpigs, 1 Dpig), infarct size measured an average of 13.8% of the volume of the left ventricle tissue (:5.45;22.15).