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CPLACertified Public Library Administrator
CPLAcytoplasmic phospholipase A 2
CPLACordillera People’s Liberation Army
CPLAChinese People's Liberation Army
CPLAConsumer Packaging and Labelling Act
CPLACommercial Pilot Licence
CPLACity Planning and Landscape Architecture
CPLACountry Public Libraries Association of New South Wales
CPLAConnecticut Product Liability Act
CPLACal Pre-Law Association
CPLACommittee for Political and Legislative Action
CPLAConnecticut Patent Law Association
CPLAConsolidated Profit & Loss Account
CPLACarleton Pre-Law Association
CPLACenter for Prior Learning Assessment
CPLAPolylactide Aliphatic Copolymer
CPLACranbrook Public Library Association
CPLACenter for Promotion of Learning Abilities
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Rimando said villagers in the Cordillera Administrative Region have '(their) own way to settle their problems,' giving as an example the successful government negotiation of the Cordillera People's Liberation Army (CPLA) in 1986 with the intervention of tribal elders.
At NPE2018 this month, OMG of Italy is thermoforming crystallized PLA (CPLA) food trays that are said to withstand surface temperatures up to 250 F and are microwave friendly.
Landscape architect Christian Preus of CPLA in Ocean Springs and Fairhope, Alabama, created the design for the exterior framework and also situated the home on the property to maximize the panoramas of the trilateral lot.
Forging unity with the MNLF to call the President to declare a revolutionary government (RevGov) to realize federalism are the Cordillera People's Liberation Army (CPLA), Rebolusyonaryong Alyansang Makabansa (RAM), Philippine Solidarity Federal Party (PSFP), Guardians fraternity and retired military officers associated with ex-putchist Gen.
Thanks are also due to the Universidade Estadual de Goias for the research grant (Programa de Bolsa de Incentivo a Pesquisa e Producao Cientifica PROBIP/UEG) to the first author, to the Coordenadoria de Planejamento Ambiental (CPLA) of the Secretary for the Environment of the State of Sao Paulo for the use of SPOT photos and to the anonymous reviewers for their comments, which helped us to clarify and improve this paper.
Khowaja, has been appointed on OPS (own-pay-scale) basis and that the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, through Order dated: 09-05-2014 passed in CPLA No.108-K of 2014, has issued directions that all officers' posted on OPS basis should be returned to their substantive posts.
To solve this problem, we propose a collaborative and predictive localization algorithm (CPLA).
'So we have been successfully a partner of the peace process in regard to the MNLF and the CPLA (Cordillera People's Liberation Army) and in the peace process was an integration mechanism of former fighters of the MNLF and the CPLA into the Armed Forces,' Padilla said.
"If such a mechanism is employed for the benefit of the MILF once we are done with our talks, then so be it because these are all welcome developments that we have been doing with the two previous talks that we have had with the MNLF and the CPLA," Padilla said.
((https://finance.yahoo.com/chart/CPLA#eyJtdWx0aUNvbG9yTGluZSI6ZmFsc2UsImJvbGxpbmdlclVwcGVyQ29sb3IiOiIjZTIwMDgxIiwiYm9sbGluZ2VyTG93ZXJDb2xvciI6IiM5NTUyZmYiLCJtZmlMaW5lQ29sb3IiOiIjNDVlM2ZmIiwibWFjZERpdmVyZ2VuY2VDb2xvciI6IiNmZjdiMTIiLCJtYWNkTWFjZENvbG9yIjoiIzc4N2Q4MiIsIm1hY2RTaWduYWxDb2xvciI6IiMwMDAwMDAiLCJyc2lMaW5lQ29sb3IiOiIjZmZiNzAwIiwic3RvY2hLTGluZUNvbG9yIjoiI2ZmYjcwMCIsInN0b2NoRExpbmVDb2xvciI6IiM0NWUzZmYiLCJyYW5nZSI6IjFtbyJ9) CPLA ) have taken note.
Representatives of various textile associations and the Council of Power Looms Association (CPLA) also urged the government to announce a textile relief package to restore the competitiveness of the export sector.