CPMASCross Polarization Magic Angle Spinning
CPMASCommunications Performance Monitoring and Assessment
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Further details can be obtained from CPMAS experiments performed at two different cross-polarization times.
In this study, three CPMAs are fabricated on RF laminates ([[epsilon].sub.r] = 2.61, tan [delta] = 0.003, and [H.sub.d] = 1.5 mm) suspended above the ground plane with an air-gap height of [H.sub.a] = 2.5 mm.
Recently, many researches have been conducted on circular polarized microstrip antennas (CPMAs), since they are extensively used in wireless communication systems due to their advantages such as low profile, light weight and conformal to the mounting structure.
13C CPMAS NMR spectroscopy of organic matter transformation in lingo-cellulosic waste products composted and vermicomposted (Eisenia fetida andri).European Journal of Soil Biology, 30: 17-28.
Ground fresh roots, leaves and soils were examined with respect to their organic functional groups by CPMAS [sup.13]C NMR (solid-state) spectroscopy (Preston et al., 1990; Oades, 1995), using a Bruker MSL-200 NMR instrument.
[sup.13]C: 4kHz, CPMAS; 4.5ms, 90[degrees] pulse; 1.5-2ms contact time; 5 s relaxation delay.
Imazalil-cyclomaltoheptaose ([beta]-ciclodextrin) inclusion complex: preparation by supercritical carbon dioxide and [sup.13]C CPMAS and [sup.1]H NMR characterization.
(1997): Does ultrasonic dispersion and homogenization by ball milling change the chemical structure of organic matter in geochemical samples?--A CPMAS [sup.13]C NMR study with lignin.
Comparison of humus horizons from 2 ecosystem phases on northern Vancouver Island using C-13 CPMAS NMR-Spectroscopy and CUO Oxidation.
The technique of 13C NMR with Cross-Polarization and Magic-Angle Spinning (CPMAS NMR) is ideal for solids, and solution 13C NMR is used for extracts such as tannins from plant material and humic fractions from mineral soil.
Murillo JM, Madejon E, Hatcher PG (2014) Soil organic matter degradation in an agricultural chronosequence under different tillage regimes evaluated by organic matter pools, enzymatic activities and CPMAS 13C NMR.