CPMLCall Policy Markup Language
CPMLCommunist Party Marxist-Leninist (est. 1971)
CPMLCompaq Portable Math Library (Linux)
CPMLCall Policy Markup Language (Digital Telecomm. Inc.)
CPMLCommodity Products Markup Language (computer programming)
CPMLConvolutional Perfectly-Matched Layer
CPMLCall Processing Markup Language
CPMLComponent Persistence Markup Language (computing)
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Based on equations of ADI-BOR-MRTD scheme, we can present equations of CPML with consulting paper [11].
The CPML, which has traction on the campus, has a different take on Kashmir, Afzal Guru and therefore on Geelani.
Additionally, the convolution PML (CPML) [33] is highly absorptive of evanescent modes.
As shown in Figure 6 the top and bottom boundaries of the computational domain are terminated by the convolutional perfect matched layer (CPML) as presented in [16].
The boundaries are terminated by a 10 cells thickness CPML and an air gap of 8 cells is left between the objects in the problem space and the CPML boundaries in the x and y directions and of 5 cells in the z direction.
Elimination of wave reflections at grid boundaries is accomplished by augmenting the uniform Cartesian grid with a convolutional perfectly-matched layer (CPML) absorbing boundary condition.
The true single mix is, however, somewhat inferior to the other mixes for the following properties: CPML; tan [delta] at 0[degrees]C; E" at 60[degrees]C; DeMattia flex (punched); crack growth 300%; and crack growth 600%.
FDTD simulation, a spatial grid of 40 x 60 x 20, with the same spatial and time increments, and 11 cells of the CPML absorbing condition have been used.
CPML ABC introduced by Komatitsch and Martin [3] is a convenient version of the convolutional PML for its implementation in different computational architectures, because it reduces the RAM memory usage in absorption regions, while providing an excellent precision.
Later, the coordinate stretched perfectly matched layer (CPML) ABC was proposed by Chew and Weedon [2], and uniaxial anisotropic perfectly matched layer (UPML) ABC was presented by Sacks et al.