CPMRConference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe
CPMRCertified Professional Manufacturers Representative
CPMRCampaign for Popular Media Reform (Thailand)
CPMRCommittee for Public Management Research (Ireland)
CPMRCentre for Promotion of Multidisciplinary Research (India)
CPMRConflict Prevention, Management, Resolution
CPMRComputerized Patient Medical Record
CPMRCampaign Planning and Mission Rehearsal
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Setting out its case for why the UK would see its support funding increase if it stayed in the EU, the CPMR states: "This increase can largely be explained by the fact many areas of the UK are falling behind the EU average in terms of regional prosperity."
Through its extensive network of contacts within the EU institutions and national governments the CPMR has, since 1973, been targeting its action towards ensuring that the needs and interests of its member regions are taken into account in respect of policies with a high territorial impact.
Without prejudice to the analysis of the causes of the Luno accident, it is necessary to continuously strengthen, at both international and European levels, the practices and rules that aim to protect seafarers, economic actors, the maritime and coastal territories and the environment," stated the President of the CPMR, Annika Annerby Jansson.
The study is being undertaken by an expert team from the member states in the Atlantic Area, co-ordinated by the Forward Studies Unit of the CPMR, and under the guidance of a Steering Committee composed of the partner regions.
CPMR is an association of regions and counties from across Europe.
The CPMR's analysis also puts the spotlight on the enduring inequality in the UK which nearly two decades of devolution has not erased.
Annika Annerby Jansson, president of the Regional Council of Skane in Sweden and of the CPMR, recalled the impact of the maritime sector on European industries, and underlined the need for interaction between emerging industries and existing industries, which are currently diversifying their activities.
The timing is not a coincidence, since the CPMR will be able to further its cause -ato develop compensation rules in oil pollution cases and take into account the ecological damage caused by shipping accidents in the EU - using a September 2012 judgement by the French courts in the Erika case.
The calculation made by the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) is based on the method used by the YEI's apportionment method - which is available in the draft Common Provision Regulation for all European Structural and Investment Funds for 2014-2020.
This meeting follows on from a direct contribution to the LeaderSHIP 2020 report by the regions involved in the CPMR initiative Maritime industries for blue growth', led by Pays de la Loire Region.
Seas and Coastal Zones Intergroup, and by the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), representatives of the European Commission, non-governmental organisations, industry and insurers reviewed existing legislation and the advances possible with the new proposal and highlighted the difficult position of insurers as regards the assessment of and compensation for damage, in particular ecological damage.