CPNICustomer Proprietary Network Information
CPNICentre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (UK)
CPNICoolidge Personality and Neuropsychological Inventory (child test)
CPNICalling Party Number Identification
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8x8 services also support a wide array of critical security and compliance requirements, including HIPAA/HITECH, FISMA, CPNI, FIPS and PCI-DSS.
Romano argued, though, that stricter broadband CPNI requirements should have little impact on small telcos because small-telco CSRs generally handle both voice and broadband issues and are already in the habit of following appropriate CPNI procedures.
Most recently, CPNI entered into an agreement with Potomac Interactive Company to develop CPNI's Sports Information Network ("SIS") for the Internet.
CPNI has been one of the most heavily enforced areas of regulations," staled Jonathan Marashlian, partner of the CommLaw Group, which offers telcos assistance with CPNI issues.
New CPNI ICS Security Awareness Courses, Sandra C, CPNI
312) Use of CPNI for marketing purposes has the potential to enable price discrimination, allowing the ILEC to determine which consumers must be offered a lower price due to their more elastic demand, as evidenced by their willingness to switch to a CLEC.
Included in this report is a review of the security of mobile banking vendors: ClairMail, CPNI, Firethorn, Fronde, Harland, Jack Henry, mFoundry, M-Com (marketed by Fiserv in the US), Mobile Money Ventures (MMV), Monitise Americas (marketed by Metavante in the U.
43) The definition of CPNI in Section 222(h) was amended to include "location" as information that carriers must protect.
In line with this, RMADS facilitates a comprehensive due diligence process in the selection of infrastructure requirements based on CSE (Catalogue of Security Equipment), SAPMA (Security Assessment of Protectively Marked Assets) and CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) methodologies.
He identifies the Progressive Unionist Party as filling the vacuum on the Left within the Protestant community, sporting an explicit unionist label, unlike the earlier NILP and the CPNI which tried to be cross-community working-class but in fact were crypto-unionist.
Together, GCHQ, CPNI, the incident response industry, and victims of cyber attack - can improve the cyber security of the UK; that is good for security, good for business and good for the UK's prosperity.