CPOMCorporate Practice of Medicine
CPOMContrat Pluriannuel d'Objectifs et de Moyens (French: Multiyear Contract of Objectives and Means)
CPOMComputerized Physician Order Management (software)
CPOMCoarse Particulate Organic Matter
CPOMCentre for Polar Observation and Modelling (National Centre for Earth Observation; UK)
CPOMComputer Program Operator's Manual
CPOMCost Per Output Measurement
CPOMCatalytic Partial Oxidation of Methane
CPOMConstitution Party of Montana
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Good adherence to diet was associated with higher values of HDL cholesterol, better occupational performance measured by CPOM, and better pain domain of the SF-36 questionnaire, while the presence of limitation/pain in the upper limbs was associated with worse adherence to diet.
Percentage CPOM amount in willow root habitats were higher than in bare bank habitats throughout all seasons.
Inorganic carbonates were removed from shrimp, crabs, FPOM, and CPOM through treatment with minute quantities of IN hydrochloric acid until the reaction ceased (Jacob et al., 2005).
A specialized ownership structure has traditionally been used to meet the demands of a potential private-equity investor while avoiding violations of state CPOM rules.
We did not detect a significant difference in the basal mean levels (CPOM, algae, aquatic macrophytes) of the food webs for the reservoir and river (two sample t [sup.15] V [mean CPOM, algae, aquatic macrophytes] = -0.95, q = 0.36).
Given this habitat diversity, we might have expected the downstream sampling sites to have more taxa and more shredder taxa that consume CPOM (Cummins and Klug, 1979).
Wantzen &Wagner (2006) suggested that shredders, while largely under-represented in tropical streams, might be either facultative specialists due to the low and sporadic input of CPOM, which switch to shredding when the resource becomes abundant, or localized specialists which are restricted to only a few sites that provide a permanent food resource.
"When we looked at our data on a year-to-year basis, we noticed that the changes in the sea surface height did not always follow what the wind was doing, so we thought about reasons why this might happen," said Katharine Giles, CPOM research fellow and lead author of the study.
Three POM (organic material) fractions were obtained: coarse POM (cPOM, 4000-2000 [micro]m), medium POM (mPOM, 2000-250 [micro]m), and fine POM (fPOM, 250-53 [micro]m).
After extensive study of prehistoric arrowheads, pottery shards, bone fragments, and cave paintings, paleoanthropologists all emphatically agree: Our early ancestors in Swartkrans (Africa) and Choukoutien (China) did not adjust their Cave Program Object Memorandum (CPOM) to establish a multi-year study, costing several thousand she-goats and an equivalent number of hand-crafted stone chopping tools, in order to determine the operational value of fire.