CPOPChinese Pop (music)
CPOPCommunity Problem Oriented Policing
CPOPConstitutional Patriots Opposing Prohibition
CPOPCold Process Oven Process (soap making)
CPOPChrist Prince of Peace Elementary School (Manchester, MO)
CPOPCumulative Proportion on the Pump
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The series 1 CPOP units are entitled to cumulative cash distributions at a rate of 4.43937% per year, using a per-unit stated value of USD45.50952 (a 44.2% premium to the above price).
In response to the concerns regarding the number of required data elements, CPOP has tapped the experience of CAP's Center for Pathology and Laboratory Quality to ensure that current and future proposed required elements meet an appropriate level of evidence.
There are variable reports on the incidence of CPOP after major surgical procedures, ranging from 20% to 50% (21-23).
- KKBOX and Cpop artists to create exclusive #OnlyOnTwitter content to share with the world
Chronic postoperative pain (CPOP) was diagnosed according to the definition of International Association of Study on Pain (IASP) [12].
agreement, the parties were able to commit to CPOP because it solved the
Community and Problem Oriented Policing (CPOP) is a multidimensional strategy used by police departments to control crime and improve the quality of life in targeted areas.
There was no evidence that CPOP reduced reported burglaries or calls-for-service at precinct level during either its first or second year.
Panel Estimates Using Parks Method(a) Variable E1 E2 CON -1.490* -3.369*** (-3.28) (-1.88) CON|center dot~T -- -29.254* (-2.55) WAGE -0.196* 0.370 (-4.00) (0.24) PB 0.075* 0.964* (3.05) (3.28) PA 0.036*** 2.252* (1.62) (3.41) PCI 0.175* 1.496** (3.27) (2.28) POP 0.115 1.816** (1.44) (2.17) CPOP 0.012* 0.105* (7.95) (5.49) Intercept 3.520* -74.228*** (2.84) (-1.76) |R.sup.2~ 0.42 0.36 a.
The New York City police department, for example, has instituted the Community Patrol Officers Program (CPOP) for local communities.
- Twitter is collaborating with Asia's leading music streaming brand, KKBOX, to become the live communications platform for KKBOX and Cpop artists to engage with millions of fans globally