CPOTCertified Paraoptometric Technician
CPOTConsolidated Priority Organization Target
CPOTChrome Phantasmic Oasis Trap (game)
CPOTCompendium of Prosthetic and Orthotic Treatment (Canada)
CPOTCritical-Care Pain Observation Tool
CPOTConstitution Party of Tennessee
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In 2004 the CPOT list contained forty main targets, including organization heads, drug manufacturers, transporters, major distributors, and money launderers, together with hundreds of minor associates and related distribution networks, responsible for moving and marketing illicit drugs.
For instance, the most common pain and sedation scores were VAS for verbal patients and CPOT for nonverbal patients, and RASS and Ramsay for sedation.
The CPOT includes four behavioral categories: facial expressions, body movements, muscle tension, and compliance with the ventilator for ventilated patients and vocalization for those who are not ventilated.
Concomitant fluctuations in facial EMG and pain behaviors were also obtained in another study (Gelinas et al, 2011) in which increases of 10% in facial EMG and of 3 points in the CPOT score (Gelinas et al., 2006) were observed in mechanically ventilated ICU patients (with various diagnoses) during nociceptive procedures.
This stemmed, in part, from concern that if HIDTAs were encouraged by either the Administration or Congress to focus on investigating transnational Consolidated Priority Organization Target (CPOT) organizations, this could detract from the HIDTAs' mission and emphasis on tackling regional drug threats.
A convenience sample of 100 adult, nonverbal critical care adult patients of varying medical diagnoses who required pain evaluation were assessed with the PAINAD and CPOT scales.
The summary presented several exemplar studies of tools that were shown to be reliable and valid (Gelinas, Loiselle, LeMay, Ranger, Bouchard, & McCormack, 2008) for the justification and utilization of either the BPS (Payen et al., 2001) or the CPOT (Gelinas & Johnston, 2007; Gelinas, 2009).
CPOT investigations were not inconsistent with this mission because HIDTAs' targeting of local drug traffickers linked with international organizations on the CPOT list was one possible strategy for achieving the program's goal of eliminating or reducing significant sources of drug trafficking in their regions.
De son cpot, le ministre de la culture, Azzedine Mihoubi, a estim que la Belgique est en droit d'AaAaAeAntre fiAaAaAeA re de ses concitoyens qui ava soutenu une cause juste et contribu l'radication de l'image terne de la colonisation et de l'occupation.
(7) For FY2010, DOJ reported that 29 of the top 63 international drug syndicates, identified as such on the consolidated priority organization target (CPOT) list, were associated with terrorists.
This investigation targeted the organization led by Consolidated Priority Organization Target (CPOT) Hader NARVAEZ-Reina that specialized in the construction and deployment of self-propelled semi- and fully-submersible (SPSS/SPFS) vessels.