CPP-ACPCasein Phosphopeptide Amorphous Calcium Phosphate
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The aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro effect of fluoride varnish, calcium nanophosphate HA paste and CPP-ACP paste on preventing the development of enamel erosion.
The nanophosphate group showed a lower KHN loss value, compared with the CPP-ACP group, after the erosive challenge (p < 0.
The CPP-ACP group showed a surface interspersed with globular deposits (Figure 3).
El producto desarrollado de complejos CPP-ACP fue patentado por la Universidad de Melbourne y la Oficina de Industria de Alimentos de Australia y es producido y comercializado por Bonlac Foods Ltd.
Desde su creacion existe una gran cantidad de estudios sobre el papel de CPP-ACP como anticariogenico, trabajos realizados tanto in vitro como en animales, in situ y tambien en pacientes.
En lesiones in vitro producidas en bloques de esmalte humano, usando un protocolo clasico de ciclos de desmineralizacion y remineralizacion, aquellas que fueron tratadas con CPP-ACP durante 10 dias, recuperaron el 63% de los minerales evaluados por microdensitometria, mientras que los controles no lo hicieron (38).
Therefore the aim of this study was to obtain further insight into the nature of in vitro remineralising effects and surface microhardness after incorporating grape seed extract and CPP-ACP into a conventional GIC.
In our study the greatest degree of depth of remineralisation was found in the GIC containing CPP-ACP followed by GIC containing grape seed extract but the difference between them was not statistically significant, so both were more effective in remineralisation as compared to GIC.
Milk-derived peptides used in the CPP-ACP products are not recommended for individuals with a known milk allergy.
He also said that ingesting CPP-ACP will improve protection against tooth decay.
In TM group, a thin layer of CPP-ACP paste (Tooth Mousse, GC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) was applied using a microbrush on the enamel surfaces of the samples, and left undisturbed for three minutes and then stored in artificial saliva for six hours.
This is consistent with Elsayed et al20 study which found that combining fluoride and ACP with CPP-ACP can give a synergistic effect on enamel remineralization.