CPPACConsolidation du Parcours Professionnel Artistique et Culturel (French: Consolidation of Professional Artistic and Cultural Background)
CPPACCapital Program Priority Advisory Committee (Granby, CT)
CPPACCampus Physical Planning Advisory Committee
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1.0 g carbon sample of each of CPPAC, CPZAC, and UPC was put into a beaker containing 100 mL of water and then boiled for 5 minutes.
A glass cylinder (25 mL) was filled to a specified volume with 40-mesh powder carbon sample of each of CPPAC, CPZAC, and UPC and dried in an oven at 105[degrees]C overnight.
This assertion can be said to be true when taking CPPAC into consideration.
As observed in Table 2 and Figure 2, the iodine value of all samples increased with increased concentration of samples with CPPAC having the highest iodine value in all the concentrations used.
As presented in Table 3, it was observed that there existed tremendous variations in basic sites of the sample as CPZAC had the highest number of basic sites followed by CPPAC with UPC having the least number of basic sites as these values corresponded to the pH values.
Figure 3(b) (CPPAC) and Figure 3(c) (CPZAC) had strong broad bands at 3437.53 [cm.sup.-1] and 3436.66 [cm.sup.-1] while Figure 3(a) (UPC) had a very broad band ranging from 3500 to 3000 [cm.sup.-1]; those of CPPAC and CPZAC corresponded to an -OH group from an alcohol while that of UPC corresponded to an -OH group vibration probably from a hydroxyl group; 2920, 2850, and 1380 [cm.sup.-1] which were present in all samples corresponded to a C-H stretch.
Bands between 1100 and 1110 [cm.sup.-1] were found to be present in both CPPAC and UPC while a band at 1035 [cm.sup.-1] was found to be present in CPZAC alone.
CPPAC is requesting that the city fund the schools at 8 percent over minimum, or about $22 million.
Shannon Ospina, CPPAC co-chairwoman, said she was grateful for a receptive city manager, mayor and City Council in working with schools to develop the fiscal 2014 budget.
One solution CPPAC is putting forth is for every property owner in Worcester to pay an additional $65 per year, or 18 cents a day.
CPPAC is urging parents to attend the City Council's budget hearing at 4 p.m.
Students can take the bus, for instance, but the bus stop might be so far from their home that they need a ride to get to it, noted CPPAC Co-Chairwoman Jenith A.