CPPRGConduct Problems Prevention Research Group
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The ultimate goal of research efforts in this area must be to promote children's overall adjustment to school and to prevent students from developing "dual-risk" profiles of academic and social-behavioral problems, which are strongly associated with long-term maladjustment (Cairns & Cairns, 1994; CPPRG, 1992; Kamps & Tankersley, 1996; Maguin & Loeber, 1996; Reid, 1993; Sprague & Walker, 2000).
As indicated previously, there is growing sentiment that multidimensional intervention is essential for success in early intervention/prevention (Dodge, 1993; Kaiser & Hester, 1997; CPPRG, 2000).
Of the studies we reviewed, CPPRG (2002) reported data from five sources, which exceeds the number of data sources reported by other studies included in this review.