CPPSOConsolidated Personal Property Shipping Office
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AUTHOR COMMENTARY: The Phase II studies reviewed above support the statistically significant efficacy of Cal/BD-AF in adults with CPPso when used daily over a continuous 4-week period.
Two Phase III studies completed with Cal/BD-AF applied once daily in adults (age [greater than or equal to] 18 years) with CPPso involving the trunk and extremities with a BSA range of 2% to 30% are reviewed below.
AUTHOR COMMENTARY: The results of Phase III studies confirm the efficacy and tolerability/safety of Cal/BD-AF applied once daily for treatment of adults with CPPso affecting up to 30% BSA involving the trunk and extremities.
Although not as prevalent a symptom of Pso as compared to atopic dermatitis, pruritus is commonly present in patients with CPPSo. (22-24) The symptom of "itching" affects 60% to 90% of patients with psoriasis, and is often documented as "bothersome." (22,23) It has been noted that pruritus is a common symptom associated with Pso regardless of the severity of the disease, and adversely affects quality of life (QoL) by interfering with concentration and/or sleep, creating anxiety and embarrassment and sometimes interfering with ability to attend work.
AUTHOR COMMENTARY: It is important for clinicians to inquire about pruritus in CPPso as this symptom is not often volunteered by patients, but has a clinically meaningful impact on their quality of life.