CPPWCommunities Putting Prevention to Work (US DHHS)
CPPWCoarse Points Per Wavelength
CPPWCentre for Professions and Professional Work (UK)
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The high schools were selected as they comprised all of the high schools within the 6-county intervention area of Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW).
Data from the first round of a local health and nutrition examination survey in Los Angeles County was collected during the first 15 months of the CPPW obesity prevention program.
Figure 2 shows selected center locations in relation to the nutrition interventions that were implemented by the CPPW program and other state or locally funded efforts.
Within King County, the 2010 to 2012 change in obesity prevalence in school districts that received CPPW interventions was compared with non-CPPW districts.
This report demonstrates a temporal and spatial association between declines in self-reported youth obesity and implementation of a CPPW project during 2010-2012.
This report extends these observations by demonstrating both a temporal association with CPPW implementation and a spatial association with the location of CPPW investment.
Ifin fact CPPW did in part reduce youth obesity prevalence, other factors also might have contributed to the decreases in King County and CPPW school districts obesity rates, such as non-CPPW community-level healthy eating and active living programs and secular population-wide obesity trends.
rates." (63) Through the CPPW initiative, the CDC funded fifty
Philanthropic initiatives targeting obesity predated the CPPW
(143.) CPPW Success Stories by State, TRUST FOR AM.'S HEALTH 12 (2011), http://healthyamericans.org/health-issues/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/CPPW-Success-Stories-8-8.pdf.