CPRISCorporate Property Resource Information System
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The Global CPRI measures production activity generally consistent with the overall industry nomenclature of NAICS 325, the EU NACE 20 and 21 (Rev.
The Global CPRI features global chemistry production data by segment.
A regional chemical production index is referred to as CPRI such as Global CPRI, North America CPRI, or Asia-Pacific CPRI, and so on.
Correlation Between IP and IPC for 20 Countries and Global IP and CPRI Number Correlation Correlation in of in Log Observations Levels Differences Global IP and CPRI 233 0.98 0.79 U.S.
Regression Analysis Between IP and CPRI, Global and Selected Countries CPRI/IPC .
Jul-90 1-Mar 7-Dec CPRI -3 MISSED(-9) -3 IP 2 MISSED(-9) 1 Canada Mar-90 8-Jan IPC 4 MISSED(-11) IP 4 M1SSED(-12) Mexico Oct-92 Nov-94 Aug-00 8-Apr IPC 2 1 3 3 IP 6 -1 0 2 Brazil Feb-87 Aug-89 Mar-95 Oct-97 1-Feb IPC 0 0 1 MISSED 1 IP NA NA -1 0 0 Germany Jan-91 l-Jan 8-Apr IPC 2 -1 -1 IP 1 1 0 France Feb-92 2-Aug 8-Feb IPC 6 -6 2 IP -1 2 2 U.K.
Beta Coefficient Between Global CPRI and Regional CPRI 1987-1990 1991-1995 1996-2000 2001-2005 2006-2010 U.
After developing the Global Chemical Regional Production Index (Global CPRI), ACC was able to show that much of the incremental gains (67 percent) in global production during the past five years occurred in emerging nations.
In addition to strong correlations with industrial production and leads and lags, the Global CPRI data indicate the presence of a two-year inventory cycle not only at the global level but also across regions.
The approach taken in creating the Global CPRI would be useful in tracking trends in these markets.