CPRKCentre Pénitentiaire et de Rééducation de Kinshasa (French: Prison and Rehabilitation in Kinshasa)
CPRKCrowne Plaza Riverside Kuching (Malaysia)
CPRKCentral Prison in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
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The CPRK said a positive response would see the North consider rolling back measures it took when relations went into a tailspin in April, including restoring a cross-border hotline.
Her 'confidence process' means South Korea cannot tolerate the North's access to nukes and there can be no reward for its provocation and threat and it will be forced to pay a price for its provocation," the CPRK official asserted.
The CPRK spokesman said Kim was "rambling" and warned that any military provocation against the Kaesong complex would result in the "self destruction of the enemy forces.
Early reports indicate that the Company's Mill is much more efficient using ore from other deposits held by CPRK.
The North's team includes Jon Jong-su, vice CPRK chairman, and Won Kil-u, a top sports ministry official.
But Seoul believes the CPRK can be seen as equivalent to the unification ministry as it was elevated to a state agency in June 2016.
The two allies have described the annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG) drill as defensive and routine, but the CPRK said it was a rehearsal for an attack against the North s leadership, nuclear and missile bases.