CPRNCopper-Plated Round Nose (casing)
CPRNCanadian Policy Research Network
CPRNClassical Public Radio Network (est. 1998)
CPRNCerebral Palsy Register of Norway
CPRNCalifornia Policy Reform Network (civic partnership)
CPRNCancer Prevention Research Network (Institute of Health Sciences)
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But only five months later, the government turned around and cancelled the CPRN grant as well as the funding for the Law Commission of Canada, the Canadian Labour and Business Centre, the Court Challenges Program, Volunteer Canada, the Centre for Research and Information on Canada and two policy units within the federal government.
CPRN has delegated COAN to conduct these examinations.
Unfortunately, so is the health of California's budget, which presents daunting challenges," said Nick Bollman, president of the California Center for Regional Leadership, a founding partner of CPRN and the nonprofit organization administering the grants funding CPRN.
1999 Comparative Family Policy: Six Provincial Stories, Canadian Policy Research Networks, CPRN Study No.
Earlier this year, the Public Policy Forum in partnership with CPRN (Canadian Policy Research Networks Inc.
CPRN Social Architecture Papers Research Report F 41.
CPRN Social Architecture Papers Research Report F141, Ottawa: Canadian Policy Research Networks.
Ottawa: Candadian Policy Research Networks, CPRN Study No.
2002: Social Cohesion: Up-dating the State of the Research, Ottawa: CPRN, F122.
The Future of Social Innovation in Canada: Report on a Roundtable Organized by CPRN.
For example: the ICCUR (Intergovernmental Committee on Urban and Regional Research), a child of the MSUA, serves as a publication and diffusion centre for much provincial and municipal research; CMHC produces both commissioned and in-house reports on almost all aspects of housing and urban planning; the university-government partnership, Metropolis, a policy network originally focussed on immigration, has an urban section: the CPRN (Canadian Policy Research Network), a mixture of government, think-tank and university policy gurus, produces an electronic bulletin, Urban Nexus: VRM (Villes, Regions Monde) run by INRS- Urbanisation, Culture and Societe; and the Canada West Foundation, all produce and disseminate electronically an enormous array of serious urban research.