CPRNCanadian Policy Research Network
CPRNClassical Public Radio Network (est. 1998)
CPRNCalifornia Policy Reform Network (civic partnership)
CPRNCancer Prevention Research Network (Institute of Health Sciences)
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CPRN has delegated COAN to conduct these examinations.
Eventually everybody will need to be registered by CPRN to be able to practice, just as is the case with other engineers who must register with COREN (Council for the Registration of Engineers).
CPRN programming is also offered by NPR (National Public Radio) for member stations across the country.
With that vision, CPRN was established in 1998 as a limited-liability non-profit company -- a joint venture of KUSC, Los Angeles, and Colorado Public Radio -- with startup funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Unfortunately, so is the health of California's budget, which presents daunting challenges," said Nick Bollman, president of the California Center for Regional Leadership, a founding partner of CPRN and the nonprofit organization administering the grants funding CPRN.
Judith Maxwell of CPRN proposed the "10% Common Space Model", a virtual arrangement through which members of the broad policy research community would devote ten percent of their activity to a collaborative exercise in building and nurturing the community.
CPRN (Canadian Policy Research Network), Urban Nexus (within the Family network) http://www.
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The CPRN reports that during 1999 it received "a long-term unrestricted grant of $9,000,000 from the Government of Canada.
An analytical report on the survey will be produced by CPRN researchers Grant Schellenberg, Kathryn McMullen, Richard Brisbois and Ron Saunders.