CPRPCIO (Chief Information Officer) Program Review Panel
CPRPCompetition Policy Review Panel (Canada)
CPRPCIO (Chief Information Officer) Program Review Process
CPRPCertified Park and Recreation Professional
CPRPCertified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner
CPRPCost Per Rating Point
CPRPChemical Personnel Reliability Program
CPRPConflict Policy Research Project
CPRPCommandant’s Physical Remedial Program
CPRPComponent Pilot Repair Program
CPRPCommunications and Public Relations Plan
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Each participant's medication records were reviewed for the period in which they participated in the CPRP to confirm opioid use status at admission and to extract a taper dose.
The first two of these proposals have already been implemented and it is hoped that the CPRP Committee will be properly established during the course of the coming year.
It is therefore imperative that the standards set for psychiatric rehabilitation in Pakistan are kept aligned with that of CPRP in order to ensure the effective treatment of patients.
En 1974, es una industria, con una produccion promedio de 2.960.000 millones de b/d, y un potencial de produccion de 3.522.000 millones de b/d, que habia perforado miles de pozos, y otros miles los mantenia en produccion, a la par, que genera millares de pies cubicos de gas, y tiene una decena de refinerias y terminales de embarque y tanqueros, y decenas de plantas de inyeccion de agua, de vapor, de gas, y millares de tuberias principales; sobre todo, que cuenta con el activo valioso de 28.000 trabajadores que realizan las operaciones cotidianas de la industria (CPRP 1974: v-18 a v-49).
The Bishops Committee for Pastoral Research and Practices (hereafter CPRP) invited Boswell to send comments on a proposed pastoral statement that would "articulate more clearly the gospel principles that underlie the Church's teaching on sexual morality, elaborate on some of the new positive developments in sexual morality, while still affirming the Church's teaching of moral norms, (and) contrast the difference between the high standards of Christian morality and those of a secular society such as ours" (Lessard to Boswell, Papers).
The capital will facilitate continued growth following the record product sales achieved in die fourth quarter of 2012, the expansion of the AutoloGel System with Medicare coverage, and the international growth of the Angel cPRP System.
In 2007, Cooney was one of the first and youngest professionals in Massachusetts to become a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional (CPRP).
The TCI Caicos Pine Recovery Project (CPRP) lead by DECR and Kew aims to ensure the survival of the Caribbean pine in TCI, by providing accessible material for researchers and for germination trials, propagation and cultivation protocols.
Darlene Karpaski, MA, NBCCH, CPRP, is director of rehabilitation and decision support services for Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Inc.
Selling pipes of CPRP in 1Q 2011 totaled 488 thousand tons (+45%).
The support stands to enhance patient access to pharmacist-provided clinical services in community pharmacies as well as produce valuable research on medication adherence, MTM and other services through required CPRP residency research projects.