CPS3Capcom Play System III (arcade system board)
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As formulacoes CPS1,5 e CPS3,0 foram utilizadas na serie de testes de diferenca.
A separacao espacial das quatro formulacoes sugeriu a formacao de dois grupos distintos, um grupo formado pelas amostras controle e CPS1,5 e outro formado por CPS3,0 e CPS4,5 (Figura 1a).
Em relacao ao brilho e a cor, as formulacoes CPS3,0 e CPS4,5 foram semelhantes, apresentando maior intensidade desses atributos.
As amostras CPS3,0 e CPS4,5 apresentaram maior intensidade desse atributo.
Approximately $528 million of CPS3 will remain on issue (until redeemed or converted at a future date in accordance with the CPS3 terms).
Payment of the Pro Rata Dividend CPS3 holders on the Register on the record date of 20 September 2017 are also entitled to the Pro Rata Dividend of $0.
Subject to settlement of the Buy-Back, Eligible CPS3 Holders who validly elected to sell their CPS3 under the Buy-Back Facility will be issued ANZ Capital Notes 5 or paid cash on 28 September 2017 (as applicable).