CPSASCoastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel (Pacific Fishery Management Council)
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Type of Name of descriptors Definition descriptor Constitutional NF Number of fluorine atoms Topological [sup.1] X Randic index (order 1) Electrostatic [Q.sub.max] Max partial charge (Zefirov) for all atom types Electrostatic DPSA2 DPSA2 Difference in CPSAs (PPSA2-PNSA2) (Zefirov PC) Geometrical [I.sub.B] Relative principal moment of inertia B Electrostatic [[delta].sup.2.sub.tot] Difference (Pos-Neg) in charged part of charged surface area (MOPAC PC) TABLE 3: Statistics summarizing goodness-of-fit and robustness analysis for the quantitative structure activity relationship established for prediction of flash point for organosilicon compounds.
In 1896, she also joined forces with Ellen Gates Starr, who had founded the Chicago Public School Art Society (CPSAS), to expose children to great art by placing appropriate reproductions of paintings and casts inside the classrooms for decorative and educational purposes.