CPSGCryptologic Systems Group (US Air Force)
CPSGCommunity Power Services Group (Ontario Sustainable Energy Association; Canada)
CPSGConstellation Power Source Generation (Maryland)
CPSGCreative Problem Solving Group (marketing)
CPSGChina Professional Solution Group (Sony)
CPSGClusters Policy Steering Group (UK)
CPSGComputer Program Steering Group
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Her hair, which measures in excess of 21 inches, will then be donated to CPSG and sent off to Nicosia to help make wigs for patients undergoing chemotherapy, said Zinger and friend, Karen Roe.
In addition, we were able to share technical data from recent CPSG installations in Saudi Arabia which combined to persuade our customer that the generators were the right fit for the project.
Ziaur Rahman, assistant sales manager at German-Gulf Enterprises, continued: "Our proposal highlighted features such as the CPSG range's corrosion-resistant canopy and rugged base that offers extra impact protection for sensitive areas of the unit.
6 January 2016 - US-based professional services firm Mercer announced has acquired Workday (NYSE: WDAY) services partner CPSG Partners, the firm said.
CPSG stationary generators will be capable of operating at high working temperature, with the units designed to perform at 100 percent load at 40 C ambient temperature.
The CPSG next considers and selects the best delivery asset to achieve the effects the commander has specified in his guidance and to meet any rules of engagement (ROE) constraints.
The CPSG mission is to directly support the warfighters' secure command, control, and intelligence exigencies.
This year, charities and organisations taking part include, the Cancer Patients Support Group Paphos- CPSG, the British Legion and the Friends Hospice.
Chicago Pneumatic has expanded its portfolio of generator products with the launch of its CPSG stationary genset range.
Hamilton is currently CEO of CPSG Partners, a Houston based professional services and consulting company.
The initiative was founded by Maxine O'Daly of The Cancer Patients Support Group Paphos -- CPSG and PASYKAF- the Cyprus Association of Cancer patients and Friends, and breast cancer patient Cherrie Gregory.
TCS' SecureOffice([R])Trusted Gateway (TGS) product and other cross domain solutions will be used to assist CPSG with the secure transfer of sensitive and classified information between various networks.