CPSICanadian Patient Safety Institute (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
CPSIComputer Programs & Systems, Inc. (Mobile, Alabama)
CPSICreative Problem Solving Institute
CPSICertified Playground Safety Inspector
CPSIcells per square inch
CPSIConfigurable PostScript Interpreter
CPSICare Purchasing Services, Inc. (Delray Beach, FL)
CPSICouncil on Private Sector Initiatives
CPSICanadian Professional Sustainability Institute (Canada)
CPSICorporate Professional Services, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)
CPSICenter for Public Sector Information (Mount St. Mary’s College)
CPSICalifornia Property Specialists, Inc. (Santa Ana, CA)
CPSICollege Planning Solutions, Inc. (Bellevue, WA)
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Missouri River Medical Center reportedly faced similar challenges to other healthcare facilities in the surrounding area that have recently chosen the Evident EHR and complementary RCM offerings from CPSI company, TruBridge.
The contemplated total aggregate consideration to be paid by CPSI is USD 11m, payable in cash, plus an earn-out payment of up to a maximum of USD 14.0m, depending on the EBITDA performance of Get Real Health during 2019.
CPSI will also further refresh the board with a new independent director, who is mutually agreeable with Gilead, before the company's 2020 annual meeting of Stockholders.
It was noticeable that CPSI conducted 45 inspections in 2015, 44 inspections in 2016 and 77 inspections were conducted in 2017.
Data regarding the patients' demographics, symptom duration, CPSI scores (pain, urinary, impact/quality of life), UPOINT scoring were collected through initial evaluations at the CP/CPPS outpatient clinic (UPOINT scoring was retrospective prior to 2009 and prospective from 2009).
CPSI has been actively working on the development of FrostBite[TM] for several years.
In terms of cell wall thickness and cell pitch, a cell shape capable of achieving a geometric surface area (GSA) relative to the conventional substrate (4.5 mil/400 cpsi and volume of 0.9 liters) was selected, taking into account the relationship to pressure loss.
McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities selected Thrive for the clinical and financial management software as well as consulting services from TruBridge, a member of the CPSI family of companies.
CPSI (2003), "Analysis of Donor Support to Public Sector Reform in Africa: A Draft Synthesis Report, August 2003".
Byline: Timothy McCarty, MS, CSP, ARM, ALCM, CXLT, CPSI
Secondary outcomes included: (1) the classes of medications involved in the discrepancies; (2) the documented action taken when discrepancies were identified (change, continue, discontinue, or not prescribed), and (3) an evaluation of the quality of the BPMH using metrics from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) Medication Reconciliation National Audit Tool (metrics include: at least two sources of information documented, where patient, family, or caregiver is identified as one of the two sources of information; and, every medication has a name, dose, route, and frequency) (Canadian Patient Safety Institute, 2015).
In Tier 1 vehicle applications, monoliths typically had channel sizes that equate to 400 cells per square inch (cpsi).