CPSIAConsumer Product Safety Improvement Act
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In July, 2014, CPSC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking as to whether ASTM F2097-15 should be incorporated by reference into Section 104 of the CPSIA.
Congress also increased the civil penalties for violators of the CPSIA standards to $100, 000 per offense with a maximum of $15, 000, 000.
The CPSIA also increased the staff and budget of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, instituted harsher penalties for violations of federal consumer safety measures and created a public database of consumer product safety complaints.
On a broader level, CPSIA also updated the Consumer Product Safety Act to expand the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) staff and budget, substantially increase penalties for certain violations and establish a searchable public database of consumer-submitted product hazard complaints.
CPSC general counsel suggested that the CPSIA simply "slaps the hand" of CPSC with respect to its past preemption by preamble (e.
GAO's analysis of CPSC data as of July 7, 2011, showed that 38 percent of the 5,464 reports submitted to CPSC contained information that CPSIA requires for publication.
Yet, the CPSIA regulations are just one example from a very long list of compliance requirements expected from modern merchants and their trading partners.
Nor did it apply to many standards, bans and other requirements under the other laws that Congress transferred to the CPSC with the passage of CPSIA, including the FHSA, FFA, PPPA or RSA.
Finding ways to manage rising costs, ranging from Chinese manufacturing to CPSIA testing.
Each of the new product additions conform to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and CPSIA lead and phthalate limits; are BPA-free; and have a suggested retail price between $1.
Testing to US CPSIA standard is now being offered by SATRA, the former footwear testing association in Kettering.
Signed into law in August 2008, CPSIA requires manufacturers of many of the products sold in drug stores, supermarkets and discount outlets to make conformance certificates available to retailers and distributors starting in February.