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CPSOCollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
CPSOCaddo Parish Sheriff's Office (Shreveport, LA)
CPSOCalcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office
CPSOCo-Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOConcordia Parish Sheriff's Office (Vidalia, LA)
CPSOClustering Particle Swarm Optimizer (algorithms)
CPSOCombinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization (mathematics)
CPSOCharged Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOCellular Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOClonal Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOCloud Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithm)
CPSOComparative Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOCompound Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOConstricted Particle Swarm Optimization
CPSOComplementary Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOCraziness Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithm)
CPSOCataloging Policy & Support Office (Library of Congress)
CPSOCultural Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOContractor Program Security Officer
CPSOCertified Patient Safety Officer
CPSOCooperative Particle Swarm Optimization
CPSOCommunity Police Support Officers (UK)
CPSOChaotic Particle Swarm Optimization
CPSOCombat Protection System Outrider
CPSOCaldwell Parish Sheriff's Office (Louisiana)
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In CPSO, each possible solution [x.sub.i] [member of] X is a permutation of {1,2,...n} and it is accompanied by a status vector [y.sub.t] defined as follows for each of its components:
In adherence to the CPSO guidelines in Ontario for IHFs, any adverse events requiring patient transfer to an acute care hospital were recorded and are submitted regularly to the CPSO for review.
The results show that PS-FW is an efficacious, fast converging, and robust optimization algorithm by comparing with the PSO, FWA, stdPSO, CPSO, CLPSO, FIPS, Frankenstein, and ALWPSO over solving global optimization problems.
studied 918 physicians who also received assessments by CPSO. (133) The initial selection of physicians was random, but after the first two years, the program selected more physicians from the "older groups." (134) The physicians underwent review of randomly selected medical charts and an interview.
Table 3 validated that the objective function value found by RABC was better than that of each of GA4, HGA, CPSO, CAEP, and original ABC and little higher the HPSO.
With the aim of maintaining multiple swarms on different peaks, a clustering PSO (CPSO) proposed in [13] employs a nearest neighbor learning strategy to train particles and a hierarchical clustering method to locate and track multiple optima.
Now, the PSO can be referred to as the constrained particle swarm optimization (CPSO) algorithm, which can realize an effective balance between the global search and the local search.
Carlisle, MD, Associate Registrar of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).
In this paper, chaotic particle swarm optimization algorithm (CPSO) was presented to optimize the reactive power distribution.
Of forty-one Jewish medical graduates who completed their training at Queen's in the two decades following Salsberg, 1918 to 1938, the careers of seventeen can be traced through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) (see Table 1).
The CPSO is supposed to regulate the practice of medicine to protect and serve the public interest.
On the basis of the basic particle swarm optimization algorithm, Cooperative Particle Swarm optimization algorithm (CPSO) appears.