CPSoSCyber-Physical System of Systems (information processing)
CPSoSComplex Product Service Order System (software)
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"Their presence on the streets is crucial, and the teamwork between the police, the CPSOs and the street wardens is getting better all the time.
"In the future we hope to have around 200 CPSOs on the street.
Kevin Paskin, 23, is a CPSO in Cowgate and has played a part in the reduction in crime since he started six months ago.
Brad Hastewell (left) with CPSOs Jade Rowe and Jeremy Bacon and some children.
In the last three months CPSOs have carried out 12,000 hours of foot patrols and attended 200 community meetings.
This chaotic PSO algorithm is referred to as CPSO. In this way, the possibility of exploring a global optimum solution in problems is increased.
In this paper, a hybrid algorithm consisting of CPSO and SQP is introduced to solve the optimal parameter selection problem, where CPSO can be viewed as the global optimizer while the SQP is employed for the local search.
In this paper, a hybrid optimization algorithm CPSO SQP from [31, 32], which combines SQP and CPSO, is introduced to solve the problem ([[bar.TOCP].sup.h.sub.p]).
Evaluate the objective function of each particle, then set the initial personal best solution [P.sub.i], select the global best particle [P.sub.g] of CPSO to guide the swarm evolution direction, and set [P.sub.o] = [P.sub.g] which is the global best particle of CPSO-SQP.