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CPSRComputer Professionals for Social Responsibility
CPSRCurrent Program Status Register (computer architecture)
CPSRCurrent Program Status Register
CPSRCompare Byte String Right
CPSRConstant Power Speed Range
CPSRContractor Purchasing System Review
CPSRCertified Professional Service Representative
CPSRCanada Prairie Spring Red (wheat)
CPSRContractor Procurement System Review
CPSRComplex Power Series Representation
CPSRContent Protection Status Report (Motion Picture Association of America)
CPSRCitizens for the Preservation of Skyline Ridge (now Skyline Ridge Neighbors; Portland, OR)
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However, the presence of these harmonics also causes high slot leakage inductance in the winding; because of which the characteristic current of the PMSM can be made closer to its rated current for achieving wider CPSR [3].
On average, children in the study received 13.16 months of CPSR (SD = 8.89) at the time of the study.
Section 44.302 of the FAR requires the administrative contracting officers to conduct a review to determine if a CPSR review is needed when a contractor's sales to the government are expected to exceed $25 million during the next twelve months.
"The impact of the problem will vary considerably," says Norman Kurland of Delmar, N.Y., who chairs the CPSR working group on the year 2000 problem.
Curtis, R (1992), "Mudding: social phenomena in text-based virtual realities", Cybermind Archive, CPSR, http://gopher://cpsr.org/11/ cpsr/sociology/
MARSHA WOODBURY, Ph.D., is currently Education Coordinator for the Sloan Center for Asynchronous Learning Environments (SCALE) at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, IL 61820) and Director at Large, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR).
CPSR is a national membership organization of computer professionals with approximately 2,000 members and 21 chapters across the United States.