CPTACambodian Physical Therapy Association (est. 1994)
CPTACalifornia Physical Therapy Association
CPTACanadian Property Tax Association
CPTACouncil of Professional Teaching Associations
CPTACenter for Practice and Technology Assessment (AHRQ)
CPTACanadian Paper Trade Association
CPTACommittee on Psychological Testing and Assessment
CPTACentral Pinellas Transit Authority (now Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, Florida, USA)
CPTACinque Ports Training Area
CPTACatholic Parent Teacher Association
CPTACopyproof Tone Paper Antique
CPTACenter of Perspective Technology and Apparatus (Moscow, Russia)
CPTAComputer Programming & Testing Activity
CPTACore Preferred Technical Architecture
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39) Since the purchase had occurred before the enactment of the CPTA, the absolute time limit of 30 years according to art.
and Side Effects, as well as the funding of popular theatre festivals throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, which were hosted by the CPTA.
In 1980, they worked with a team of popular theatre workers and development educators to organise the first CPTA festival in Thunder Bay, Ontario, which combined a popular theatre workshop with a festival of popular theatre.
The CPTA (Canadian Popular Theatre Alliance) loose as it was and meeting only once every two years, appreciated this systemic approach.
Although the majority of its funding was coming from Canada, Sistren did not do a second tour of North America until 1987 when it was invited to participate in the Standin' the Gaff CPTA festival in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Ian Filewod, a former popular theatre worker and, until his death in 1993, a program officer with the Canadian Council on International Cooperation (CCIC), wrote an article published in Canadian Theatre Review--and re-published more recently in Julie Salversons edited collection, Popular Political Theatre and Performance (2010)--, which was particularly critical of the relationship between popular theatre and development agencies as it affected the exchange of techniques, skills, and information at the Standin' the Gaff CPTA festival held in Sydney, Nova Scotia in 1987.
The play, I wasn't Born Here: Stories of Latin American Immigrant Women, was performed in Victoria and afterwards at the CPTA festival in Guelph, Ontario in 1989.
2], os modelos da Figura 3, em que os frutos foram armazenados em temperatura ambiente, explicam 89,97 e 42,31 % de variabilidade na atividade da PG para os tratamentos SPTA e CPTA, respectivamente.
Com base nos resultados de firmeza e de atividade da PG, pode ser inferido que os frutos dos tratamentos em camara fria (Figura 2) apresentaram, no dia 16, melhores firmezas iguais a 47,0 N (SPCF) e 68,0 N (CPCF) comparadas, respectivamente, com as dos frutos armazenados em temperatura ambiente (Figura 1) que foram iguais a 20,0 N para o tratamento SPTA e 0,0 N para o CPTA.
Nao houve efeito significativo entre o teor de SS e o tempo de armazenamento para o tratamento CPTA.
Os frutos de caqui 'Fuyu', que sao apenas ligeiramente acidos, apresentaram para os tratamentos em temperatura ambiente SPTA e CPTA (Figura 7) valores de pH no tempo zero iguais a 6,28 e 6,34, e houve decrescimo (p [less than or equal to] 0,01) expressivo do pH durante os 16 dias do armazenamento, atingindo os valores minimos de 5,52 e 5,63, respectivamente.
Os frutos do tratamento CPTA (em temperatura ambiente) os quais receberam a aplicacao da promalina no pomar apresentaram reducao brusca da firmeza a partir do 8[degrees] dia, o que pode ser explicado pelo rapido estabelecimento do processo de senescencia nesses frutos.