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Because our assessment of SCB AG's capitalisation incorporates strong ordinary support from Santander/SCF underpinned by the CPTA, a downgrade of Santander/SCF's IDRs would likely lead to a downgrade of SCB AG's VR.
The city attached special importance to the CPTA. Since its establishment 16 years ago, the CPTA has proved its adaptability to global development,' said deputy chairman of Ha N?i's People's Committee, Ngo Van Quy, during a working session.
1, alinea a), do CPTA, para impugnarem as deliberacoes do Banco de Portugal, podendo, tambem, cumular pedidos, a luz do artigo 5., no.
5.2.1; see also the dispatch on the 1970 UNESCO Convention and the CPTA of 21 Nov.
I will start by looking at the reasons Sistren was toured to Canada in the 1980s and identifying the connections made between Canadian popular theatre and Canadian development agencies, particularly the formation of the CPTA. This leads to a discussion of Sistrens first tour of Canada in 1981.
US Department of Energy grant #DE-FC09-96SR18546 (CPTA) provided partial support of this research.
The process of paying the investors each month is carried out by a central payor and transfer agent (CPTA), a contract awarded to Montreal Trust Co.
Capitala Group manages both public capital (Capitala Finance Corp) (NASDAQ: CPTA) and private capital (Capitala Private Credit Fund V, L.p.
(72) Federal Act on the International Transfer of Cultural Property (Cultural Property Transfer Act, CPTA) of 20 June 2003, SR 444.1 (Bundesgesetz uber den internationalen Kulturgutertransfer (Kulturgutertransfergesetz)).