CPTECouncil on Professional and Technical Education (Singapore)
CPTECustomer Premises Terminal Equipment
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Importantly, the "mass" in the pulmonary artery was, unlike in CPTE, weakly enhanced with contrast medium.
This rare malignancy is often difficult to be diagnosed antemortem, since the clinical and radiological manifestations often mimic those in CPTE and mislead the diagnosis.
While NPE simply does not allow non-leaf prefixes to be cached, CPTE changes from all the non-leaf prefixes to leaves by prefix expansion.
Bitmap-based prefix expansion does not increase a routing table unlike CPTE, and considerable number of prefixes are still effectively cached.
In case the degree of expansion becomes 32, the bm-expanded prefix is actually the same as the matching prefix in CPTE. There is a trade-off between the efficiency of cache and the size of a bitmap when we increase the degree of expansion.
The simulation results show that the miss ratio of CPTE is generally lower than those of any other schemes.
Though CPTE has lower miss ratio than BMCache, CPTE may have a great update overhead because complete expansion produces a large number of children.
17 compares the update overhead of a non-leaf prefix in CPTE and BMCache.
Table 3 shows the number of the expanded children and update overhead in CPTE and BMCache.
The simulation result shows that the cache miss ratio is slightly higher than CPTE, but is better than other schemes such as PPTE, NPE, and MPC.
During this time period the CPTE was reviewed for accreditation by the Texas Education Agency and as part of the university accreditation review by the Southern Association of Colleges.