CPTHChronic Post-Traumatic Headache
CPTH3-Chloro-P-Toluidine Hydrochloride
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Diagnosis of cPTH is mainly clinical by history and examination.
Some risk factors like female gender, poor socioeconomic status, past history and family history of headache are associated with cPTH. Aim of the study is to identify the characteristics and risk factors for cPTH after MHI.
Cases where history and examination fit with ICHD-3 criteria of cPTH attributed to MHI3 were included.
Lower literacy rate increases chance of cPTH. Literacy rate of the general population of West Bengal in 2011 is 77.08%.
This cross-sectional exploratory study was conducted during the period of March-May 2017 at Central Park Teaching Hospital (CPTH) which is affiliated with Central Park Medical College (CPMC).
A total of 50 nursing personnel working at CPTH participated in the study.
All of them were trained nurses working in different departments of CPTH. The age range of the respondents was 18 to 46 years with a meanage of 28 years.
Manzoor Alam, medical superintendent CPTH, for facilitating the project by giving permission for data collection.
Early efforts to measure PTH by use of single-antibody RIAs directed against the more immunogenic C-terminal region of PTH were confounded by the high and variable amounts of reactive CPTH fragments, especially in ESRD, in which results of PTH assays correlated poorly with bone histology (9).
Like other CPTH fragments, they are both secreted by the parathyroids and generated by peripheral metabolism of the hormone (17,18).
Both non(1-84) PTH and amino PTH are recognized by a CPTH RIA with distal C-terminal specificity, which suggests (but does not demonstrate) that most, if not all, of the C-terminal PTH sequence is preserved in these peptides.