CPTIConscience and Peace Tax International
CPTICommercial Pure Titanium
CPTICommittee on Pipe and Tube Imports
CPTICounselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
CPTICollaborative Practice Training Institute (Lynchburg, VA)
CPTICanadian Petroleum Training Institute
CPTICenter for Patent and Trademark Information
CPTIConcrete Polishing Technical Institute
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Our CPTI workshop attracted several newcomers and gave me an opportunity to describe our work in the US.
There was no significant difference seen between the cement bond with CpTi base metal and NiCr alloy.
There was signifiantly higher torque removal mean values for the strontium chloride (Sr[Cl.sub.2]) coated CpTi implants compared to hydroxyaptite (HA) coated at two implantation period (2 & 6 weeks).
A scan rate of 0.01[degrees]/sec was used for cpTi surface and as-annealed Ti[O.sub.2] films with a grazing incidence of 0.2[degrees], but this grazing incidence was not sufficient to detect the Ag in the as-annealed Ti[O.sub.2] nanotubes doped by Ag.
The machined disks were obtained from cpTi bars in a turning procedure and did not receive any additional treatment and were used as control.
Commercially pure titanium (cpTi) has various degrees of purity (graded from 1 to 4).
Abstract: The main goal of our research is identification and intensification of cutting conditions of commericial pure titanium (cpTi) used for dental implants and compare machinability of different cp Ti grades.
Zircalloys, CPTi and Ti6/4 are all very insensitive to segregation and account for almost all of the reactive alloy processed by VAR.
In Italy, as in other countries, most of the earthquake catalogue data are derived mainly from macroseismic studies (Gruppo di Lavoro CPTI, 2004).
The CPTAC is part of the Clinical Proteomic Technologies Initiative for Cancer (CPTI).
However, CoA esters cannot readily transverse the inner mitochondrial membrane; instead, they are shuttled into the mitochondrial matrix by a carnitine-dependent mechanism that involves the sequential action of carnitine palmitoyl transferase I and II (CPTI and CPTII)(4), together with a carnitine-acylcamitine translocase.