CPTLCapital (clothing company)
CPTLCompagnie des Pétroles Total Libye (Total SA Group Affiliates)
CPTLClean Power Technologies Ltd. (UK)
CPTLCapital Project Team Leader (various organizations)
CPTLCenter for Trade Policy and Law (Carleton University; Ottawa, Canada)
CPTLCircular Pharyngectomies with Total Laryngectomy
CPTLCutaneous Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas (dermatology)
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The CPTL scheduling algorithm uses CPT attribute which is the difference between CP and T-Level attributes.
This section presents comparisons among proposed algorithm: CPTL Scheduling algorithm and heuristic algorithms: HLFET, MCP, ETF, and DLS Scheduling algorithms.
CPTL scheduling algorithm gives minimum scheduling length as compared to heuristic scheduling algorithms.
We present new algorithm based on two attributes: Critical Path (CP) and Top level (T-level), called CPTL scheduling algorithm.
Is the basic CPTL insurance offered by the LTO enough?